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Welcome to Brand 49


Brand 49 brings us back to the lovely Brand Library & Art Center Gallery and reminds us of what makes this yearly exhibition so extraordinary. We can again meet the artists and juror at our opening events, commune with art lovers from all over the country and, of course, view artworks in the physical world, something that cannot be satisfactorily replicated in the digital sphere.


The response to our open call for artists was amazing and this exhibition, with 125 artworks on view, is the largest in recent memory. Throughout the long COVID-19 year, artists continued to create and Brand 49 demonstrates their explorations of both the inner and the outer worlds. It is a testament to the unquenchable nature of the artistic endeavor that we are thrilled to share with you.


Thank you for supporting our artists, the Brand Library & Art Center and the Associates of Brand.


— Debra Thompson, Chair of Brand 49 and President Associates of Brand Library & Art Center

Juror’s Statement - Marvella Muro


Works on paper have an intimate quality that cannot be expressed, no matter the scale. Perhaps that is why I have always been drawn to prints and drawings.

There is magic in seeing the array of works presented in the Brand 49 exhibition, from portraiture to landscapes to abstract images. You will see pastels, prints, watercolors, photography, and the transformation of two-dimensional objects into sculptural installations that are both fragile and bold.

Jurying Brand 49 has been both an honor and one of the most challenging tasks I’ve accepted. We received an astounding number of submissions, each unique in style, medium, and theme. Despite these differences, the artists’ need to create and express themselves during this dark period is the linear thread that connects this group beyond the exceptional work on or made of paper.


— Marvella Muro, Director of Artistic Programs and Education at Self Help Graphics and Art


Award Winners

89. MonoGraficoColectivo_edit copy.jpg

Juror's Award

Mono Grafico Colectivo

(Kay Brown, Nguyen Ly, Don Newton,

Marianne Sadowski, and Beth Peterson)

Cabeza Colosal #1

Video Coming Soon

82. LoMele_edit_2.png

Jane Friend Award

Bachrun LoMele

Burn Pile/Truth Cabinet

Video Coming Soon

11. Beck.jpg

Robert Brown Award

Martin Beck

Study for a Boxer 2

Video Coming Soon


Brand Associates Award

Bogdan Dumitrica

Everybody Has the Right to

Wear a Mask #18

Video Coming Soon

41. Edwards.jpg

Brand Associates Award

Rebecca Edwards

Woven Rabbit

Video Coming Soon

88. McNeal.jpg

Brand Associates Award

Meredith McNeal

Inside Outside Quarantine Acropolis (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn)

Video Coming Soon

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