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Man Made

March 18 - May 6, 2017

Curated by Shannon Currie Holmes


Jacqueline Bell Johnson, Anita Bunn, Chelsea Dean, Jennifer Gunlock, Jenene Nagy, Michelle Robinson, Sinziana Velicescu

Man Made explores the urban ecology of our built environment through the distinctive artwork of seven remarkable women. Each artist, through their own unique practice, honors the physical act of creation and expands the language of environmental engagement. By exploring different ways of seeing, representing and connecting ubiquitous forms, shapes and objects in our surroundings, the artist abstracts reality; resulting in beautiful, anomalous truths, seemingly prophetic vistas, and meticulously rendered constructions. The exhibition features installation, sculpture, printmaking, photography, drawing and collage.

"The built environment is both the frame and the expression of mankind."

- Sven Sandstrom (author and art critic)

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