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Mapping the Sublime: Reframing Landscape in the 21st Century

Updated: Apr 29

April 2, 2022 – June 11, 2022

The Brand Library & Art Center is pleased to present

“Mapping The Sublime: Reframing Landscape in the 21st Century”

April 2 – June 11, 2022.

Los Angeles-based artists Lawrence Gipe and Beth Davila Waldman organized this survey of a diverse group of 19 artists that challenge our culture’s entrenched conceptions regarding landscape, critically re-examining the genre as a mediated view of nature and a construction of centuries of aesthetic processing, demarcation and colonial expansion. The works persuade the viewer to consider the landscape genre anew, with traditional notions of the Sublime reevaluated to reflect contemporary issues of climate change and the Anthropocene. The artists featured have made compelling cases, over decades of practice and passion, for an issue that needs to be faced with ever-growing urgency.


Luciana Abait

Kim Abeles

Fatemeh Burnes

Linda Connor

Rodney Ewing

Guillermo Galindo

Lawrence Gipe

Dimitri Kozyrev

Ann Le

Constance Mallinson

Ryan McIntosh

Liz Miller Kovacs

Deborah Oropallo & Andy Rappaport

Kit Radford

Aili Schmeltz

Alex Turner

Beth Davila Waldman

Rodrigo Valenzuela

Amir Zaki


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