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Nexus IV: RAIZ

January 21 - March 17, 2023

Curated by Thinkspace Projects and Tlaloc Studios

Image courtesy of Kristy Moreno

NEXUS IV: RAIZ was the fourth collaboration between Brand and Thinkspace Projects, creating a platform for young and emerging artists from around the world to exhibit alongside LA-based artists working in the New Contemporary Art Movement. This year, we welcomed a curatorial partnership with Tlaloc Studios, a community-based, artist-run space in South Central Los Angeles.

With over 60 artists, NEXUS IV: RAIZ presented a diverse and varied exhibit focusing on LA-based artists. Including new work from the likes of Antonio J. Ainscough, Young-Ji Cha, Kristy Moreno, Zeye Oner, Perez Bros, and Aof Smith. Solo shows from Anthony Clarkson, Ken Flewellyn, Matthew Grabelsky, Anthony Hurd, and Cody Jimenez rounded out the gallery exhibits, filling the walls with innovative and genre-blending pieces across mediums. Site-specific murals from Brek, Love Yo Dreams, and Mr. B Baby were created in the gallery entry hallway.

Featuring New Works From:

Antonio J. Ainscough | Fajar Amali | Michael Bardales | Brek | Ezra Brown | Karla Ekatherine Canseco | Rene Casamalhuapa | Young-Ji Cha | Sara Chakmakian | Paola Ciarska | Leo Eguiarte | Sofia Enriquez | Isaac Escoto | Ha Haeng-Eun | FEMS | Priscilla S. Flores | Genavee Gomez | Melissa Govea | Fabian Guerrero | Daniela Garcia Hamilton | Chuy Hartman | Emiliana Henriquez | Armani Howard | Carlos Jaramillo | Haylie Jimenez | Sydnie Jimenez | KAI | Jolene Lai | Andrew Lopez | Love Yo Dreams | Selena Lozano | Steve Martinez | Jay McKay | Gibran Mendoza | Aryana Minai | Vanessa Morata | Kristy Moreno | Mr. B Baby | Baby Mueller | Guillaume Ollivier | Chaz Outing | Jerry Peña | Perez Bros | Pinche Kid | Jason Ramirez | Lily Ramirez | Marissa Reyes | Gustavo Rimada | Euan Roberts | Roja | Esperanza Rosas | Conrad Ruiz | Javier Hache Ruiz | Tamara Santibañez | Fandi ANgga Saputra | Mia Scarpa | Aof Smith | Melly Trochez | Ever Velasquez | Jacqueline Valenzuela | Daisy Velasco | Manuel Zamudio | Zeye Oner

Alongside Solo Exhibitions From:

Anthony Clarkson | Ken Flewellyn | Matthew Grabelsky | Anthony Hurd | Cody Jimenez

Site Specific Murals From:

Brek | Love Yo Dreams | Mr. B Baby

Accompanying Book List:


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